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Our Projects - Institutional Care

Institutional Care

Imagine living your life on the streets, with no idea where your next meal will come from. Imagine being so afraid that you feel you have no choice but to run away from home. Now, imagine doing all of this before your eighteenth birthday.

Priyansh Foundation started its Institutional Care programme as a part of its project. The programme is run by Priyansh Foundation and seeks to provide shelter, care, homely atmosphere and a dignified life to children from difficult circumstances like street and run-away children, victims of child abuse, children of lifetime convicts, negative children of HIV/ AIDS positive parents, children of sex workers, and other vulnerable categories.

Of the children currently residing at the Institutional Care Centre, 28% are orphans, 41% are from single parent families and 31% are economic orphans.

Relief Camp at Nangloi, Delhi

Foundation priyansh is a not for profit social organization which aims to solve the problem of hunger povery And malnutrition in india. At our camp in nangloi, Delhi, we provide weekly support of Food and Clothes. We serve as a medium to Provide extra nutritious food from individuals, weddings, restaurants or corporate offices to the people who really need if and have no means or access of food. At Nangloi there are approximately 500 people who get the life support by means of foundation priyansh from our bountiful donors.

Najafgarh Relief Camp

Foundation Priyansh has a camp in najafgarh, Delhi also. We perform a wide range of services aimed towards human wellbieng and social welfare. We believe in working relentlessy towards development and bringing a positive change in the society. We are comittedted towards our goal of proverty free india and our different camps speak for themselves. Beside weekly support of food and clothes, we have also started setting up sewing machines for underprivileged people. We believe in providing skills to people so that they can start working and earning. Everything that we do is all because of our donors from all over india who sahre the same motive as us for poverty free india.

Relief Camp at Shaheed Nagar, Delhi

Shaheed Nagar, Delhi is home for many underprivilaged people living in misrable condition. there are many people in this area who has very limited or no access to food and things needed on daily basis. Foundation Priyansh tries to help them as much as possible just so, they can come out of the challenge to gather food and start thinking of something productive. we are also working towrds providing or improving working skills of these people so that they can lead a good life. As our routing practice we provide them food and clothes and futhurmore, we don't even hesitate giving people a monatry supporty if someone really needs it.

Shastri Park Relief Camp, Delhi

On 21 january 2018, Foundation Priyansh helped shastri nagar camp for refugees with clothes and food. This was the routine practice as every sunday we donate our weekly collections which are given by our generous doners. We don't just give away food and clothes to these people we also make sure that we provide them the thing according to their needs even if we have to help them explicity. Foundation Priyansh has vision of poverty free india and we will do everything that we can manageto do in this direction.